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I am a full-time philosophy and psychology BA student at Toronto Metropolitan University.

I have a wide variety of academic interests spanning many fields.


Areas of Academic Interest


My interest in AI is focused on cognitive philosophy and consciousness, large language models, ethics and implications for the future. I currently have a few projects in development centred around AI, education and philosophy.

Education & Edu-Gaming

Some of my most recent projects have seen me delve deep into the world of education and educational gaming. I have done research and development in the field of education for various games. I am also interested in the intersection of AI and education and am working to develop a course in the Philosophy of AI.

Coercive Control & Misinformation

Early in my school career, I put my academic and independent educational focus on studying psychological manipulation, social psychology, free will and cult dynamics. I worked in the field researching and developing tools to help people with loved ones affected by psychological manipulation. I also created multiple projects focused on cult psychology at my university.

Law, Justice & Abolition

My philosophical interests revolve around the philosophy of mind and cognition, free will, and the philosophy of science, belief and religion. I wrote an award-winning paper on Schrödinger's Theory: Superposition and Realism, and recently developed a theory of belief in a paper on Intellectual and Emotional Belief.

My interest in law, justice and abolition is centred around understanding the complexities of abolition and how they connect with capitalism. I am a Walls to Bridges graduate and have taken multiple courses related to these topics.

Psychology & Mental Health

I have taken various courses and read much on psychology, focusing on abnormal psychology and the psychology of belief. My fiction often deals with themes of mental illness, and I will graduate from university with a minor in psychology.


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