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In collaboration with The Social Changery - Decoded is an escape room-style game designed to help youth learn about decision-making and consider their choices about substance use. For this game, I researched educational gaming, framed the game within the context of theories of public health, worked on modifying the narrative to induce more complicated and relevant choices and designed an in-depth facilitation guide and debrief to allow youth to contextualize their in-game experiences in the real world.

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Climate Hero

In collaboration with the Pacific Museum of Earth and STEAM Labs - Climate Hero is a game designed to help teach school-aged kids about climate change. I worked in Twine to develop branching narratives for this game and wrote characters and scripts. I also worked to create a debrief for educators focused on allowing the players to delve deeper into the concepts explored in the game and challenge conceptions about climate change to broaden their perspectives. This work is picking up again soon and will involve writing and narrative development for AI-driven characters.



AI Sentience & Deep Ecology: Rethinking our Philosophy of Nature - In this Mozfest session, I collaborated with Andy Forest of STEAM Labs to discuss how our understanding of AI consciousness reflects our attitudes towards the natural world. We explored a variety of questions related to consciousness, rights and ecology. Check out the slide show and the resources for more info.


Happy Creations

I have worked for over ten years in the ad world, video producing for my husband at Happy Creations. We are a full-service post-production house with a decade of experience helping clients to produce awesome videos for TV and the web.

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Alternate Reality Events

I was an event planner for many years. I have an event planning certificate from George Brown College and founded a company called Alternate Reality Events. I designed events with game-like elements and created out-of-the-ordinary decor designs. I won two awards for tabletop design at the Canadian Meetings and Events Expo.

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