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Hi there!

My name is Star Spider.

My Story

I’m an interdisciplinary problem solver with a unique skill set that I use to tackle a wide range of issues. As a philosopher, writer, video producer, and freelance researcher, I have many interests and focus areas that can help with any project. I am also the founder of a non-profit organization called Counter. See the Counter page for details.


I use my brain to ask big questions and solve big problems.


My current focus areas include the study of psychological manipulation and coercive control. But I also have knowledge and interest in AI, educational gaming, law, social justice and abolition, public health, social psychology, cult psychology, misinformation, philosophy of religion and science and environmental ethics.


Whether you need help with research, writing, game design or producing content, I have the skills and knowledge to help you achieve your goals and add depth to your projects.


Contact me today to start collaborating!



I take a polymath approach to learning and have a wide array of knowledge from various fields. I have passion and interest in the learning process and can delve deeply into a subject to extract relevant understanding and connect my learning to other areas. I am a big-picture thinker with an eye for detail.


I can write everything from award-winning fiction to academic papers to marketing copy to branching game dialogue! I’ve had a passion for words since my first days of writing sappy love poetry as a pre-teen, and that passion has never died. I’m currently learning to work with AI to develop faster, more efficient writing methods while maintaining my voice, integrity and love of writing.

Project Development

Let’s get it done! I’m a serial entrepreneur with a can-do attitude. From event planning to video production to research and development, I am happy to work on a team or lead one to success.

You may need to understand the ethical implications of some new research, start a new project, or add depth to an existing project. I have years of experience and knowledge to draw from in various fields, and I LOVE to help! Let me know what you need, and we can work it out together.


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